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The Legion Invades!

Zappie / Aug 25, 2016
The Burning Legion has invaded Azeroth yet again! Our sources within the Kirin Tor confirm that the demons are arriving through a portal at the Tomb of Sargeras in the Broken Isles. Several prominent Alliance leaders have been killed, but we've found new allies in the Illidari demon hunters.

GnomeTech is taking emergency measures to respond to the Burning Legion threat. We have recruited a number of night elf Demon Hunters as consultants to work with our engineers and design new anti-demon technologies. We have also begun training a new battalion of ordinary hunters using robotic minions with newly developed artificial intelligence capabilities. The Gnome Army will soon be deployed to the Broken Isles to provide logistical support and firepower to the Alliance force.

Last time they were here, the demons probably never heard of the obscure race of creatures called gnomes. This time, they won't know what hit them!


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