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Zappie: "Hello everyone, and welcome to the GnomeTech Student Lounge! I hope you'll find that this is a welcoming place to relax, socialize, and share stories about your life.

"In order to get to know each other better, I'd like everyone to give a brief introduction. Tell us a little bit about who you are, where you come from, and what you're doing here at GnomeTech. We don't want to hear your whole life story, though; if you really want to share that, feel free to write about it in the Library.

"I'll start! I've been a scholar with GnomeTech for my entire adult life, serving first as a research scientist, then as Professor, Deputy Headmistress, and now the Headmistress. My research is in arcanomechanics, which is the study of how magical and physical phenomena are related. I've invented a number of technologies that convert between arcane, electrical, and other forms of energy, as well as engineering devices that can harness arcane power. My favorite flavor of ice cream is strawberry!"

Bashie: "OK, I'll go next. I'm Miss Bashie Glittersparkle, the Personal Assistant to the Headmistress. I'm sure you all know me as the friendly, sparkly face behind the reception desk in the lobby. I don't really do any research here, but when I'm not working, I like to make my own jewelry. I'm also trained as a bodyguard, and I can hit things really hard if I want to!"

Sappie: "I'm Special Agent Sappie, and I'm the head of GnomeTech Security. It's my job to keep you all safe from both internal and external threats, and to protect GnomeTech's physical and intellectual property. I have experience with SI:7, Gnomeregan Covert Ops, and a number of other organizations that I cannot name. Please reach out to me immediately if you encounter any suspicious behavior in Headquarters."

Stickler: "Good evening. I am Professor Stickler P. Conjugator of the Department of Languages and Etiquette. I serve as the chief communication advisor and personal scribe to the Headmistress. I perform research on ancient texts, runes, and calligraphy. You may know me best as the instructor for the mandatory GnomeTech Writing Seminar. This year we had a record pass rate of over ten percent."

Gnomebot One: "Beep! I am Gnomebot One of the Department of Gnomebot Services. You can rely on GnomeTech's Department of Gnomebot Services for all of your cleaning, maintenance, safety, security, and data needs. All Gnomebot Services are currently fully operational. Scheduled maintenance is four hundred twenty one days overdue."
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Most of you know me as Lixee, some of you know me as the little one that changes hair color every friday for some reason and has a god complex, YES! BEHOLD! It is I! Lixee Bunz!

You will find me helping our great Headmistress PewPew with her demanding work of running our institute, but more importantly I assist Miss PewPew with her research outside of the bounds of what we thought was possible. This is due to the bounds being limited to the bounds themselves, thus thinking OUTSIDE of the bounds unlock a major whole new dimension of discovery. This is what normal minds may call insanity, but I prefer calling it Outsanity! Cause we think OUTSIDE the ... I don't think I need to repeat myself, you probably will or will not have received the message by now.

*Ahem!* As a distinguished member of the Gnomeregan Technical Institute Council of Madmen my job is to make sure operations here at GnomeTech are running smoothly. I oversee the Brainiacs, the Technicians and the rest of the Students. I restock and deplete the medicine cabinets! I sometimes forget to put on deodorant! But more importantly, I will go through a herd of Tauren to get to where you need to be if I am not already there, for I am a warlock and ... I can only summon you... The Magi of Stormwind won't allow me ... to make portals that ... work the opposite way.. but who cares about those DETAILS! WE GOT PLACES TO DISCOVER!

If things do not work out for you as a student, there's always room in my basement! I mean my calendar! For more extra curricular studies! Sign a form and *BAM* you're done for! I mean your career is done for! I mean you can kiss your future ... hello?

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